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UO PRSSA is hiring for the 2017-2018 executive board. To apply, please select your top choice and email your résumé and cover letter to by May 10. In the cover letter please include what qualities make you a good fit for the specific position you are applying to and please describe your involvement with UO PRSSA/the value UO PRSSA holds for PR majors. You do not need to be a member or actively involved to apply for the executive board, however, you will be expected to become a member for fall 2017 if chosen for a position. If you have any questions please contact, chapter president, Maritza Rendon at

Open Positions

The president is responsible for leading all aspects of the UO PRSSA chapter, including managing the executive board and the overall chapter, along with final approval on all chapter matters. The president must have regular communication with the executive board, faculty adviser and professional adviser and must have immediate availability to the executive board and other chapter members.

The president must collect and maintain all official chapter documents, lead all chapter and executive board meetings, and should be comfortable talking to large groups of students and professionals. The position is a significant commitment; thus, the president must have an ongoing dedication for PRSSA.

Vice President
The vice president serves as a liaison between PRSA and PRSSA, which means attending monthly PRSA meetings, organizing networking events with PRSA members and professionals in the community, and managing a student mentorship program. Additionally, the vice president will also oversee all student recruitment efforts on campus. Student recruitment may entail creation of collateral material, announcements in public relations classes, marketing and journalism classes, and outreach at freshman orientation events.

The vice president serves a special supporting role for the chapter president and should be prepared to direct chapter operations in the president’s absence. The vice president is responsible for coordinating at least one UO PRSSA Professional Development Tour a year, and should be comfortable speaking and interacting with industry professionals.

Programming Director 
The programming director coordinates all aspects of bi-weekly chapter meetings including, but not limited to, coordinating with the faculty adviser to make sure room is scheduled, providing outreach to guest speakers and managing the Star Chapter Award. The programming director should work closely with the president to ensure all aspects of meetings are carried out seamlessly.

The programming director will also develop surveys to gauge chapter satisfaction each term and manage Star Chapter progress and the chapter’s internal events specifically for dues-paying members. The purpose of programming is to primarily benefit the dues-paying members through events and activities.

Finance Director 
The finance director oversees the UO PRSSA budget for the academic year. Position duties include drafting a budget, collaborating with the SOJC Finance Office and the ASUO, monitoring all chapter spending, collecting dues twice per academic year and promoting the benefits of becoming a dues-paying member to potential UO PRSSA members.

The finance director will coordinate the executive board’s attendance at PRSSA National Conference, which includes travel, hotel and financial arrangements. The finance director is also responsible for attending all ASUO program meetings throughout the school year, and should actively pursue additional funding opportunities for the chapter such as additional funding from ASUO surplus.

Communications Director
The communications director directs the UO PRSSA digital presence including its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn and WordPress blog. Management of multiple social media platforms requires that the communications director commit time each day to the assigned duties. This entails overseeing a committee of students who will produce content, design the layout and conduct outreach, as well as creating and distributing weekly email blasts to UO PRSSA membership.

Events Director 
The events director is responsible for chapter events, which includes fundraisers, campus-wide events and awareness campaigns. Events coordinated by the events director are focused on increasing revenue and awareness of UO PRSSA. Fundraising events include, but are not limited to, Ducks Love Dogs biannually, Professional Development Workshops at least once a term, Finals Grams during Dead Week of each term, restaurant fundraisers, chapter outings and the End of Year Celebration in June. The events director is responsible for coordinating all aspects of scheduling campus spaces through ASUO and SOJC as well as identifying new fundraising opportunities and improving upon previous fundraising activities and events.